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Story Time with Modern Music Box!

Here at Modern Music Box, we are passionate about DJ’ing. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of transitioning to the perfect track at the perfect time, and watching the energy on the dancefloor spike. Stringing these moments together throughout the course of the night is what we do best. We’ve spent decades studying music and learning to read crowds. We record ourselves practicing and at gigs so we can “go back to the game tape” so to speak. Speaking of practice, we do practice. A lot. And sometimes DJ mixes are more than just a bunch of tracks strung together. Sometimes, DJ’s are telling a story. Below you’ll find some of ours.

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Back to Basics

I never realized how much my DJ’ing is affected by the events in my life. …

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Early Covid Times

Since the Remixologists DJs (and every other DJ in the world for that matter) are…

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Elder Millennial

Fun Fact: This July will mark the 24th anniversary of the release of the iconic…

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